Disrupting the NFT Industry

The Kama Chameleons NFT collection, is the intersection of the blockchain and physical artwork world, as a cross-medium project.

Sneak peek of Chapter One

Built by a team of experts at KamaLabs, the project offers three unique world-first utilities, as well as a promise to do good where we can, through charitable donations. The 7,500 unique computer-generated artworks are created from over 245 hand-drawn properties, with over 250 million possible combinations.

“We are a long-term project, here to inspire a monumental shift in the NFT space; focusing on real value, real utilities, a connection between the physical and the blockchain space.” Jess, Founder of KamaLabs.

The team

The creative team behind Kama Chameleons is comprised of world-class commercial artists, designers, animators, developers, and marketing professionals.

The team is a mixture of agency owners and independent freelancers, with notable global clients including Lamborghini, Canon, and Pinterest.

World-first Utilities

With three unique world-first utilities the Kama Chameleons NFT project is set to reach new heights in the industry.

Create to earn

Notable utilities include a never seen before create-to-earn utility rewarding the most creative Kama Chameleon holders with their own custom ERC-20 token, that can be converted into their local currency.

The first of these create-to-earn events will include every holder being distributed either a physical blank 3D chameleon sculpture or blank chameleon poster, for them to then decorate, customise and paint to showcase their creativity.

From there the winner will be decided by the community and turned into an NFT of it’s own with the creator being rewarded with all royalties from their individual NFT as well as KAMA$ tokens.

3D Chameleon Sculpture for those who mint 3+ Kama’s

A True Community-powered Collection

The second world-first utility is the fact that this project is completely community-controlled. All whitelisted members vote every 24 hours on what will be revealed next, whether that be a sneak peek, utility release, or event.

The project has a never seen before whitelist model; those who are whitelisted can nominate two other members for whitelisting, no more grinding or invite challenges. To ensure the team takes the project in the right direction, all Kama holders will have the ability to vote on where the community treasury funds are allocated.

Options for allocation will include the development of new features, charitable donations, and buying community-created NFT’s to then give away.

Whitelist mutation serum

“KamaLabs will make an impact on the NFT and blockchain industry through guiding new people through the maze of this space. We’re also a go-to for those in need with charitable donations, conservation tree planting initiatives and a massive focus on an inclusive global community of like-minded individuals”
The Oracle, KamaLabs CMO

Do Good, Feel Good

Our goal is to give back to the community to achieve this we will be donating $7,500+ to selected charities, foundations, and research programs on reveal.

We will also be planting 15,000 trees in the Amazon jungle to offset our carbon footprint when minting Chapter One of Kama Chameleons.

Other utilities

The Metaverse will be a complex technical experience built in the future, as we are doing in the real world with our conservation tree planting efforts we want to conserve the beauty of the world around us. Our Metaverse space known as ‘The Sanctuary’ will be a peaceful oasis where the Kama community can come to relax, network, and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Events and classes will be held focused on spirituality, inner health, mental health, conservation, and topics to genuinely help people. The Sanctuary will be an inclusive space for all those in the KamaLabs communities.

The Sanctuary Concept art



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The Kama Chameleons NFT collection, is the intersection of the blockchain and physical artwork world, as a cross-medium project.